Jeroen Bun


Who I am

Born in 1988 in Axel, Zeeland. Went through high school with relative ease before moving to Eindhoven to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Got side tracked by travelling around Europe and improving my table soccer skills. After some soul searching switched over to Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven were I learned how to channel my creativity and interests for tech and innovation in practical projects for various clients.

After obtaining my Bachelor degree, I wanted to specialize more in Information Technology. Moved to Tilburg to pursue this goal at the Communication and Information Sciences department at Tilburg University. Focused developing skills in subjects covering Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing. Also dabbled in social subjects like Online Marketing and Rhetoric and Argumentation. Obtained my Master’s degree in Human Aspects of Information Technology with honors.

The mix of experience with iterative design processes, technical and programming abilities and familiarity with various social subjects is what defines me and sets me apart.

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During my academic career I was always involved in side projects closely related to my personal interests: Developing websites, Search Engine Optimization for clients, Assisting PhD research and tutoring students in programming courses.

Besides subjects related to Big Data and Webdevelopment, I am interested in other branches of technology and innovation. I am very exited about creating a smarter home, advances in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and evolving my man cave with new gadgets.

Also heavily involved in any kind of game, both virtual and tangible. Love to play games on my PC or any of my consoles (currently playing Overwatch and the Witcher 3). Always up for a boardgame (favorites are Catan and A Game of Thrones Boardgame) or Magic the Gathering.

Don't practice a lot of sports myself, but a fan of various different sports. I closely follow any Feyenoord game and watch every UFC event. Since a few years I learned to appreciate American Football and like to follow the Seattle Seahawks. During the winter season I gear up to carnaval by building a float together with my club 'De Neuters". This is probably where I developed my appreciation for (craft) beer!

  • Big Data

    Data driven decision making, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

  • Web Development

    Search Engine Optimization, Responsive web design, Wordpress

  • Tech

    Robotics, Domotica, Arduino, PC Hardware

  • Games

    PC master race, Xbox One, Magic the Gathering, Table Soccer

  • Other hobbies

    Carnaval float building, Sports fan (Feyenoord, Seattle Seahawks, UFC), Craft beers


The characteristics that define me and set me apart from my peers.

  • Team Player

  • Problem Solver

  • Quick & Eager to learn

  • Flexible

  • Analytical

  • Resourceful

Tech Skills

An overview of the tech skills I've obtained throughout my academic career and extra-curricular endeavors

  • 85%


    Worked extensively with Python, Javascript and Processing, familiar with Lua

  • 80%


    Well versed in HTML and CSS. Familiar with JQuery and Wordpress. Experience with SEO (Google Analytics)

  • 75%

    Data Analysis

    Experience with Data Mining and Cleaning, Machine Learning (Orange) and Artificial Intelligence. Solid statistics basis (SPSS)

  • 70%

    Visual Design

    Competent with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

General Skills

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office

  • Very solid English skills

  • Affinity with tech hardware

  • Working in International Teams

Some of my work

Overview of the various projects I undertook in the past few years. Also have a look at my Curriculum Vitae


Master's Thesis

Novel communication systems in Minecraft: Player strategies and the emergence of a referential symbol system

Master's Thesis

  • Subject:Novel communication systems in Minecraft: Player strategies and the emergence of a referential symbol system
  • Year:2016

In my Master's Thesis I investigated how and why communication through referential symbol systems emerge. Minecraft is utilized as a controlled research environment were four players cooperate to complete a common task. To complete this task they are allowed to used in-game deictic gestures (pointing, head movement etc.) and chat with non-referential systems. How the players utilized these communicative tools lead to finding requirements for the emergence of a symbol system: players required abstract means of communication when conversing about locations, players and objects.

The video shows one of the 12 trials and follows one of the players throughout the challenge. Download PDF


Programming Assistant

Student Assistant for the master's course Human-Robot Interactions at Tilburg University

Programming Assistant Human-Robot Interactions

  • Role:Supporting Master students programming Aisoy robots in Python
  • Client:Dr. P.A. Vogt
  • Year:2016

In the Master's course Human-Robot Interactions at the Tilburg University, students were required to develop an experiment where an Aisoy robot was utilized to teach foreign languages to children in a classroom environment.
During the course I assisted the professor in the workshops, tutoring programming in Python, taking responsibility of the robots and writing a Python guide for upcoming courses.


Website development Visual Vibes

Website development and SEO for Visual Vibes, a startup VJ'ing company based in Amsterdam

Website development Visual Vibes

  • Role:Web Design & SEO
  • Client:Visual Vibes
  • Year:2015

Visual Vibes is a startup VJ'ing company specialized in creating visual frameworks for (dance) parties and festivals using innovative stage designs, video mapping and lighting.

In 2015 I was responsible for the realization of their brand new website, showcasing the indentity of Visual Vibes: Flexible, responsive, minimal and with a strong graphical focus.

View Website

Board member and developer for SENSD

Online platform developer for SENSD, a former network for European students focussing on sustainable development

Board member and developer for SENSD

  • Role:Web development and Board member
  • Organization:SENSD
  • Year:2010 - 2013

SENSD was a European student network that aimed to promote sustainable development within Europe. The organization won a Veolia Student Solidarity Award in 2011 for their contribution to the improvement of communication and cohesion among European students on sustainability issues. SENSD went on to organize various events and workshops regarding sustainable development. Unfortunately, enthousiasm in the organization fizzled at the end of 2014. Currently it exists as a Facebook page promoting sustainable development.

During the heydays of SENSD, I was a board member of the organization. I was in charge of the online platform were European students could collaborate to improve attention for sustainable development in Europe. I developed the website (currently offline) and maintained it from it's inception in 2010 until 2013. View Website


Assistant Alice project

Supporting programmer and designer on the Alice project, one of the world biggest mixed reality installations.

Assistant Alice project

  • Role:Programmer and Project Design
  • Client:Prof. dr. Rauterberg / M. Nakevska (PhD)
  • Year:2013 - 2014

Six stages from the narrative of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are built in one of the world’s biggest mixed reality installations at Eindhoven University of Technology.

I joined the project in February 2013 as an assistant for PhD candidate M. Nakevska. Initialy I was in charge of redesigning the first stage of the Alice project, were Alice is bored in a park until a rabit shows up that leads her through a rabit hole into a strange world. After realizing the redesign I stayed on the project until summer 2014, acting as a supporting programmer and designer for the various stages in the Alice installation.

During my time at Alice I worked extensively with Arduino, Processing, Mixed Reality (the installation is equiped with a CAVE system) and Unity.

The video gives an impression of the user experience in the mixed reality Alice installation.

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SEO Bio Base

Search Engine Optimazation for the websites concerning Bio Base Europe, a training centre for biobased economy.

SEO Bio Base

  • Role:Search Engine Optimization
  • Client:Bio Base Europe
  • Year:2014

Bio Base Europe is an innovation and training center for the biobased economy. It is a platform that supports the development of sustainable, biobased products from biomass resources. It consists of a Pilot Plant located in Ghent and a Training Center in Terneuzen.

I was in charge of the Search Engine Optimization for the Competency Development Center, the branch of Bio Base that focusses on providing education and training in sustainable development.

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Human-Robot Interaction Research

Programmer for study regarding the influence of robot anthropomorphism on the feelings of embarrassment when interacting with robots.

Human-Robot Interaction Research

  • Role:Programmer and researcher
  • Client:TU/e
  • Year:2010

In 2010, research was conducted at the Technical University exploring the influence of robot anthropomorphism on the feelings of embarrassment when interacting with robots. We found that medical patients that were interacting with anthropomorphic robots felt more embarrassed when going through routine medical examinations than patients that interacted with a static robot.

I was in charge of programming the Philips iCat robot (in Lua), implementing face tracking, automatic mouth movement and a wizard-of-oz research interface. The paper that detailed the research and our findings was published in Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics.

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Data projects @ UVT

Collection of different projects concerning Machine Learning, Data Mining and Signal Processing executed at Tilburg University

Predicting the popularity of news articles before publishing

    From a data set with thousands of Mashable news articles I tried to make predictions on the popularity of the news article before they are published. The dataset had an inventory of all the words, links, amount of videos and photos, time stamps, keywords and various Natural Language Processing features. By utilizing different Machine Learning algorithms (Naive Bayes, Random Forest, KNN, SVM, Logistic Regression and Classification Trees) I was able to classify news articles as potentially popular or unpopular (based on the number of times an article would be shared)

Predicting popularity of Podcasts based on Podcasters voices

    Podcasts from different categories (sports, political, history, and business) were collected and features from each of the voices of the podcasters were analyzed using PRAAT. Half of the podcasts were very succesful (high number of views, high ratings) and half were unsuccesfull (low number of views or low ratings despite being a long running podcast). Using various Machine Learning podcast we tried to classify podcasts as popular or unpopular based on these voice characteristics. Unfortunalty we did not find any clues that the podcasters voices could predict the popularity of the podcast. However, we were able to predict the category of a podcast based on voices to some degree.

Twitter Semantic Analysis

    In one of my courses concerning Online Data Collection I programmed a small application that performs semantic analysis on Tweets concerning a hashtag or Twitter handle.

Contact Details

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  • van Delfthof 50, Tilburg

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